Hiring Managers Reveal:

how to land a programming job in as little as 30 days
... Even if you can't write algorithms, can't afford college, and don't have any job experience!
(PROOF BELOW: How I went from self-taught to full-time software engineer in 30 days)
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I finally figured out...

... how to take my passion for programming and turn it into a full time career.

This was without having a degree in computer science.

I've never been to a coding boot camp... and I'm 100% self-taught.

Talk about an uphill battle...

I put in all the work to learn how to code.

I knew I could do the job and I felt I deserved it for all the hard work.

But when applying to entry level coding jobs...
... all I could get was an email from a no-reply address...
... or straight up ghosted.

It sucked.

But I wouldn't give up. I hated my job. It was boring and mind numbing. Like most people, I was only there to pay the bills. On top of all that, the company was a giant pile of trash...

One day I had an idea. I started reaching out to people working for large companies. Think Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
... The whole goal was to talk to a hiring manager.
... To pick their brain for what I was missing.

After a bit of digging I got in touch with two hiring managers. They not only hired people for these big companies. They were also programmers themselves before being promoted to managers.

Jack Pot!

After talking with each manager...
... I realized what I was doing wrong.

But not only me! Everyone is doing the same thing. Missing the one thing that will put them above their competition.

What's the one thing?

Take the risk of hiring you closer to 0 than your competition.

Once I realized this, I changed my whole approach.

I started using proven marketing tactics to set myself apart.

Fast forward to today and I ...
... no longer dread talking about what I do
... love waking up on Monday morning
... see the sparkle in my spouse's eye when she says "he's a programmer"
... get to be more present with my growing family
... make more money than I ever have before
... and am positioning myself for better jobs in the future

Let me introduce you to...
The New Programmers Handbook To A High Paying Job
The only handbook that helps programmers get their first job...
... by giving them the strategies to prove their ability.
Here's some of what you'll learn in the handbook:
  • Is memorizing algorithms important? ...Page 27
  • The fastest way to level up your coding ability. ...Page 43
  • How to show experience without a previous job. ...Page 54
  • ​The 7-Step approach to making a LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters ...Page 66
  • ​The NEW resume approach to catch the eye of any hiring manager ...Page 58
  • ​The 1 skill you should have before anything else ...Page 10
This handbook should sell for $29.99

Ask yourself this...

... if all you had to pay was $29.99...

... and you were able to break into your dream career...

... wouldn't it be worth it?

Even though it's worth $29.99 for all the value I jammed into this handbook.

I have it listed on Amazon for only $14.97

But stick with me for a moment...
Why Now Is Not The Time To Give Up On Your Dream
You have the best chance right now to land a programming job.

The U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics have Software Developer jobs at a 22% increase. This statistic is for the years between 2019 and 2029.

(This is "much faster" than average.)

Which means there the U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics expects there to be 22% more jobs open for programmers!

And on top of all that, they report the average salary of a software developer at $107,510 per year!
This Handbook Is Exactly What You Need To Land Your First Programming job
But you don't have to take my word for it...
This handbook hit the Amazon Best Sellers list for the "Computers & Technology Education" category.
And check out what some of the readers had to say:
"What stuck out to me the most was Secret #4.
I'm doing my best to get the word out about your book!"
Jeff D. from Seattle, WA
"You are AMAZING! This is AWESOME!"
Samuel P. from Buffalo, NY
"Your recommendations were such a big help!
I wanna say thank you.
If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here!"
Zain S. from the United Arab Emirates
"This book is amazing!
I wish I got it before enrolling in my first semester of college ..."
Safi F. from Beirut, Lebanon
"This book is very helpful and enlightening. I learned a lot! Thank you very much for this book."
Konstantinos V. from Greece
Plus: During this special offer I want to include the professionally recorded audiobook
We all get busy.

And reading a book is almost always at the end of the To-Do list.

But I really want you to...

... enjoy the lifestyle you deserve

... have a job you can be proud of

... and not have ties to some dead end job.

That's why I'm including the audiobook (a $15 value) for free with your order.

That way you can learn the strategy no matter what.

Gotta cut the grass? --> Audiobook

Gotta cook dinner? --> Audiobook

Gotta drive to work? --> Audiobook

You spent your valuable time learning how to code...
... You deserve a great job as a professional programmer.
It doesn't matter if you...

... don't have a degree in computer science

... don't excel at live coding challenges and

... don't want to spend a small fortune on a coding boot-camp

This handbook will get you there with relative ease. Because...

The New Programmer's Handbook is the only one that helps new programmers land their first job...

... by giving them strategy to prove their ability.

With this handbook you'll trek down the fastest path to professional programming.

So you can...

... stop dreading the small talk about what you do.

... love waking up on Monday morning

... see the sparkle in significant other's eye when they say you're a "software engineer"

... get to be more present with your family and friends

... make more money than you ever have before

... and position yourself for higher paying jobs in the future

Plus, you'll save a ton of time when you use this handbook.

But to speed up your progress even more...

... and ensure you can put in place everything you learn.
You're also getting the Resume Robot Dodging Strategy
Submitting resumes only to be auto-rejected by a resume filter is the worst feeling.

Your potential is being hidden by algorithms searching for nothing more than keywords.

Which likely have little to do with the actual job.

If you leverage the handbook and use this dodging strategy you'll...
... get pasted the robots
... get your resume into the hands of any hiring manager and
... get your foot in the door with an interview

This infographic lays out the exact strategy in an easy-to-digest fashion.

Another $15 value you get for free with the handbook.

... But, To Make Sure You Progress As Fast As Possible...
I'm giving you exclusive access to the Coding Incubator... for free!
The Coding Incubator is the only digital course that will walk you through the journey to your first programming job.

It's currently a work in progress...

... and I've given beta access to a few people for $99.99

But because you're here today, you can have the same beta access for free.

Not only do you get access to the content that's there...

... But you'll be able to help guide the direct of the course.

This way, you get exactly what you need to land your coding job as fast as possible.

So yes...
You're Really Getting The eBook, Audiobook, Infographic, And Digital Course... For Only $9.99
A $200 value for only $9.99...

That's 37% off the cost of the book alone!

Plus, there's no hidden monthly subscription.

But, you have to get your copy before I take this offer down.

I take a loss by selling you the book for $9.99...

... because it cost me $26.49 in advertising to sell one book from this webpage.

You're probably thinking; why would he spend more than he's making?

Well, I want to create a great impression on you.

So that you seek my help again in the future.

Because I have other products and services...

... and I’m hedging my bet that you’ll ask to try them someday.

And to make sure you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Let Me Take The Risk... With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
Even though this is a no-brainer for anyone trying to break into a programming job.

I want to make sure you get value from this product.

That's why you get this money-back guarantee.

If you learn nothing from this handbook...
... send me an email and I'll give you back the $9.99
- No time limits.
- No qualifiers.
- No disclaimers.
- No questions asked.

Plus, you can keep the handbook, audiobook, and Resume Robot Dodging strategy.

So, how's that for fair?

There's no risk, and you have nothing to lose.

This is my effort to "put my best foot forward" and to show real value.

oh, and in case you're wondering...
Only one person has ever asked for a refund.
And it was before I even sent them the book...

My hope is that you'll love the handbook and this will be the start of a good relationship for years to come.

Jaron R. Swab
P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me) who skips to the end of the letter...
... here's what you get:

A handbook with the strategy smart coders use to land their first programming job...

... without a degree in Computer Science.

And all you pay is $9.99.

But, you'll also get the
... audiobook,
... the Resume Robot Dodging strategy,
... and beta access to the Coding Incubator

... for free.

I'm giving these to you as a gift...
... because I want you to put in place what you learn from the handbook.

This offer won't last forever because I'm running an advertising test.

If I'm not able to at least break even on my costs...
... then I'll raise the price.

Also, you're not signing up for a "trial" to a monthly program.

This is a one time price.

In fact, if you don't learn anything...
... let me know and I'll give you back your $9.99.

So Order Now... You won't regret it.
You Get All This Directly To Your Email Today For Only $9.99!
Regular Price: $200
  • The eBook in both PDF and EPUB formats so you can have this awesome handbook on all your favorite devices!
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  • Resume Robot Dodging Strategy so you can get your skills in front of the right people!
    (Value: $20.00)
  • The full-length audiobook version so you can learn the strategy no matter where you are or what you're doing!
    (Value: $15.00)
  • Exclusive beta group access to the Digital Incubator so you can be sure you're completing each step as fast as possible.
    (Value: $135.00)
  • ​Lifetime eBook updates so you can have the latest information which means you always have an edge over your competition!
    (Value: Priceless)
Let Me Take The Risk...
If you don't love this book, I'll return your $9.99. I'll also let you keep the book and the infographic training. All you have to do is send me an email and I'll give you back your $9.99.
No questions asked...
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